Daily Report

Task Summary

  • Writing graduation thesis.
  • Routine task
    • Learning English


  • Write a section about selection for concrete adaptive method.
  • Maximum-likelihood sequential procedure
    • Write the summary.
    • Write the pros and conns.
    • Add a track of trials
    • Visualize the problem of stimulus intensity being out of range.
  • QUEST+ method
    • Write the summary
    • Write the pros and conns.
    • Add a track of trials
    • Visualize the entropy.
    • Visualize the psychometric function.
  • Condition
    • Stimulation domain for QUEST+
    • Parameter domain for QUEST+
    • Outcome domain for QUEST+
    • Visualize psychometric function
  • How to generate the test signal
  • Analyze and summarize the data.
    • Subject selection
      • FBCR
      • distributions
    • Adaptive Method
      • About number of trials and entropy
      • Credible interval and confidence interval
      • Efficiency
    • Constant method
      • Deviance
      • Adaptation
      • Confidence interval
      • Left-right difference
    • Write about description of main experiment.


  • Web配信の技術
    • In HTTP/2
      • Request/Response header is lowercase
    • Header
      • Cache-Control
        • no-cache
          • First, the client ask the origin if the cache is valid and they must not use it unless it is valid.
          • This is an option to force the client to cache and revalidate every time.
        • no-store
          • The client must not cache any part of the request/response.
        • must-revalidate/proxy-revalidate
          • This is an option to force the client to revalidate when the cache expires.
          • max-age and no-cache cannot coexist, but max-age and must-revalidate/proxy-revalidate can.
        • s-maxage
          • This is a cache option for CND/proxies on route.
          • the s-maxage value should be lower than max-age
          • because it can prevent stale condition from from content bucket relay.
      • Expires
        • it absolutely designate the date for cache expiration
        • only GMT is allowed in this header.
        • max-age is used preferentially.
      • Preferred cache control setting to prevent caching
        • Cache-Control: private, no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate
    • 304 Not Modified
      • CDN revalidate the cache when the TTL is expired
      • If there is no change, the origin returns 304
      • Thus do not forget to set the headers

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