Daily Report

Task Summary

  • Writing graduation thesis.
  • Routine task
    • Learning English


  • Read
  • Analyze and summarize the data.
    • Subject selection
      • FBCR
      • distributions
    • Adaptive Method
      • About number of trials and entropy
      • Credible interval and confidence interval
      • Efficiency
    • Constant method
      • Deviance
      • Adaptation
      • Confidence interval
      • Left-right difference
    • Write about description of main experiment.
  • Write a section about selection for concrete adaptive method.
    • Maximum-likelihood sequential procedure
      • Write the summary.
      • Write the pros and conns.
      • Add a track of trials
      • Visualize the problem of stimulus intensity being out of range.
      • Visualize the psychometric function.
      • Visualize that when two variables are used, the slope of the evaluation function does not head in the direction of convergence..
    • QUEST+ method
      • Write the summary
      • Write the pros and conns.
      • Add a track of trials
      • Visualize the entropy.
      • Visualize the psychometric function.


Coding Test

  • https://leetcode.com/problems/coin-change/
  • Did you solve it ?
    • No
  • Solution
    • DP
    • Hold the minimum number of coins by remaining amount.
    • Choose the coin from coins and find the answer incrementally
    • Time complexity is O(S∗n). where S is the amount, n is denomination count.
    • Space complexity is O(S) for dp list.

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Takizawa Tetsu
Takizawa Tetsu