Daily Report

Task Summary

  • Data analysis on my study.
  • Routine task
    • Learning English



  • nohup
    • If you close the virtual terminal or logout from it while executing a command, HUP signal would be sent to the processes running on the shell.
    • nohup prevents from sending the signal

Interruption at work

  • nothing

Coding Test

  • Skip

What to do tomorrow

  • Check the deviances are normally distributed
  • Create a web app for online experiment.
  • Summarize the results of subject selection.
  • Fix the plan for this weekend.



  • Enjoyed experiment with lab members.

Problem and Try

  • Spend a lot of time to make the calculation faster
    • Instead of spending time on speeding up, I should do other work in the waiting time.

Free Space

Apparently, tomorrow is the school festival. I’m not going, though.

Takizawa Tetsu
Takizawa Tetsu