Daily Report

Task Summary

  • Working on a webapp for an online sound image localization experiment that will be used to collect experimental results for a paper due on December 20.
  • Learning English


  • Research WebApp
    • Read articles and documents
    • Add minimal setting of chakra-ui for the webapp
    • Add some eslint setting to prevent annoying me
    • Add a couple of components of top page
      • Header
      • Hero
      • What is this
  • Leaning English
    • Created an Anki deck of engineer-vocabulary-list published by Mercari.
      • The goal is to become familiar with the vocabularies that engineers use in their daily work.
      • I used Amazon polly which is a text-to-speech provided by AWS to generate voices of the list for momentary english composition.


  • Next.js
    • Whenever Link components appear in the browser’s viewport, Next.js automatically prefetches the code for the linked page in the background.
  • robots.txt
    • A robots.txt files tells the search engine crawlers which URLs the crawler can access on your site.
    • It can not be used for hiding my web page from Google search result.
      • To archive this, we must use alternative method such as noindex or password protection.
    • robots.txt directives may not be supported by all search engines.

Interruption at work

  • Request for confirmation of newspaper article on satellite launch and additional interviews.

What to do tomorrow

  • Research WebApp
    • Create rest of components of top page
  • Learning English
    • Do Anki



  • Got up early and well concentrated.
    • Want to get used to do this lifestyle.


  • Forgot to make response for newspaper interview


  • Work on inserting tasks as quickly as possible.
Takizawa Tetsu
Takizawa Tetsu