Daily Report

Task Summary

  • Working on a webapp for an online sound image localization experiment that will be used to collect experimental results for a paper due on December 20.
  • Learning English



  • Core Web Vitals
    • Subset of Web Vitals
    • It consists of three metrics that measure loading, interactivity, visual stability.
      • loading
        • Largest Content Full Paint (LCP)
      • interactivity
        • First Input Delay (FID)
      • visual stability
        • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
    • The Google ranking impact will be the same for all pages in the good range for all Core Web Vitals, regardless of their individual Core Web Vitals scores.
  • The expiration is defiend by either the minimumCacheTTL configuration or the upstream server’s Cache-Control header, which everis larger.

Interruption at work

  • nothing

What to do tomorrow

  • Read Nextjs Documentation and understand the core concept.
    • Especially how to create and split the components
  • Think about how to make flashcard to remember the meaning of english words, sentences, passages.



  • I was in no hurry to read the document.
    • I feel like I have a better memory retention rate.
  • I could concentrate.
    • I think it was because I woke up early.


  • Spent too much time creating a template for the daily report.
    • It caused skipping breakfast.


  • Set a time to finish the work.
Takizawa Tetsu
Takizawa Tetsu